Signal Event Evaluation Software

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IT-Sees: Signal Event Evaluation Software

Multi-Parameter Event Analyser and Detector

Real-time analysis of multiple sensor readings to detect significant events.

IT SEES is a project initially developed together with the Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Hamburg and the EPA Berlin (EASE-Project) and BBE Moldaenke, Kiel.

The purpose of the development of IT SEES is to create a tool which can check all kind of data for sudden changes, find correlations to changes in various parameters and estimate whether an alarm situation is at hand. This should help users of simple probes to assess the ongoing process in their observed water systems.
The described algorithms are made to detect changes in each observed signal. The user can include in the evaluation lower and upper limits, statistical short-term evaluation as a standard deviation using algorithms with and without drift elimination, and long-term evaluation. Usually events in different signals at the same time period are necessary to indicate a reportable alarm. A weighting system is applied to the events coming from each signal.


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